Friday, October 30, 2009


Michael S. Witherspoon is about to embark on a NANO writing project for the month of November and to attempt to write a novel in that month. The fun part is that he has chosen me to be the subject of this book. The interviews are completed and he has gathered lots of information from those who know me (or at least they think that they do) and is just waiting for the first of November to begin. Finally, the world may get to know me, not the total me of course, you have to be married to me to know all that goes on behind closed doors an alas he hasn't popped the question, yet. Perhaps he is just waiting until his book is a success and can afford to keep me in the manner that I have always wanted before asking. He has asked if I could travel with him on a book tour if and when it is published but I don't think he realized just how impossible that could be, but I promised that I would give it some thought.
Love ,