Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Okay, the Bitch is back.  Spent a lot of time visiting all of the military installations  around the county.  The USO would not sanction my tour but I did leave a lot of smiles on faces that Ajax won't take off.  Met a lot of great guys but none of them were able to drink the Stella under the table, but each base/post was one hell of a party.

This is supposed to be a cooking show so lets get too it.  EXTRACTS- you have to get them and there are so many uses.  I love cherry diet coke but sometimes the store doesn't have them.  Just a couple of drops of cherry extract and you are off and running.  Just about any of the flavors can be used to make different flavored icing.  There are different companies that make them and I must say (unpaid endorsed I might add) is Watkins.  I find them to be stronger, cheaper and longer lasting but buy what you want/  Most people already have Vanilla and maybe Almond and those are great but you need to add at least a couple of others, Cherry; Raspberry; Pineapple and Chocolate.  If you drink iced tea (or even hot tea), a couple of drops of any of these (maybe not Chocolate so much) will give you an exciting flavor boost.  I use an eyedropper so as not to waste or make a drink too potent, you might want to pick up one at the drug store or look at the dollar store in your area.

Easter is coming up soon so I'll put together some suggestions for that in my next post.  Glad to be back with you again,  Stella