Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Okay, I know about the price of gasoline and the war on oil, but NATURAL GAS? They better make them air-tight and the a/c can't blow off of the engine or the defroster for that matter. And how do you get the gas out of you and into the car? Maybe we can just throw cabbage, beans and broccoli into the tank and it will make it's own gas. Or maybe they install a bucket under the drivers seat with a hose that goes to the engine. But can you imagine what the air will be like for those who have to walk or ride motorcycles. And for Pete's sake, don't try to light a cigarette out of doors or you might just blow up the place. I was talking with my sister an she said that she cooks with natural gas in her trailer. She might actually be a good cook if she used electricity but right now everything she cooks taste like...well she is still my sister so I shouldn't judge.

There must be some other solution to our power problem without stinking up the world. Maybe I could put a kid on the roof with a beanie on his head and get wind power. Then again, after what Romney did to his dog, maybe not. I'll have to think on this some more and get back at ya.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Not those kinds of tricks, I would have to change the rating if I told you about those. I'll save those for Diary of a mad drag queen. No practical advice to help you and maybe others at the same time. Oprah has assured me that even if you are not using your kitchen appliances at this minute, they are still drawing energy, that we pay for. So I unplug them when not in use. Okay, that was easy, except my coffee pot and electric can opener both have black cords and I am forever plugging in the can opener and wondering why the coffee is not brewing. The light in my brain went on! All of those bread twists that I have been hording now have a function. Wrap one around (not under) the plug on the one you use the most and TADAA. Sure I could use even less energy if I used that hand job (no pun intended) but why take a chance on breaking or chipping a nail???
And speaking of can openers, please take the following seriously. After opening a can and emptying the contents, put the lid in the can and then squeeze the top closed to keep the lid in the can. One night I kicked a trash bag (get real it was an accident) and a lid cut thru my pantyhose and cut my toe. Anyone caring the bag to the curb could be in danger, the trash man and anyone that walks around the trash dump, including hungry animals, could be hurt and it only takes a minute to be safe. Auntie Stella